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I am your servant, Lord…. I will give you what I have promised …”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has His Way Ministry been operating?
A: His Way was founded around July of 1999 in Charleston, SC by founder Jack McGovern and co-founder Tom Bullock. His Way has over a decade of service to the community.

Q: Who is welcomed at His Way Ministry?
A: All are welcomed.

Q:Do I have to be a Christian to be a member of His Way?
A: No. We accept you based solely on your desire to change your life. Though we do desire that all come to Christ. We do not force or allow others to force you to become a Christian.

Q: Can His Way guarantee me housing, employment, transportation, financial support, etc...?
A: No. But we do set forth to connect you with community resources. We work with multiple agencies to assist our clients as best we can.

Q:What are the His Way Beliefs?
A: His Way Belief Page. Click Here for Beliefs Page.

Q: How long do His Way support groups last?
A: : His Way support groups are scheduled for two hours, but may be less or may be more, depending on the needs of the members.  There is a format of sharing, but the agenda can be junked when necessary.

Q: What time does support groups start, what day are they held, and were are they held?
A: His Way Support Groups start at 7 p.m. each Friday at The Shield
Ministry building at 5519 Woodbine Ave.,  North Charleston.

Q: Can His Way help inmates get out of prison?
A: No, His Way does not get an inmate released from prison. Our method offers inmates the positive skills needed to stay out of prison. His Way, however, will write a letter of confirming participation in the Pre-Release Phase for an inmate. When up for a parole interview. We do not guarantee or promise that this letter will help gain parole for the inmate.

Q: How can I be supportive of His Way?
A: First and most important - Prayer.
    A most valuable asset, your time will be more than welcome, It can be in
    small increments or large doses.
    Join us on Friday evenings at our support group and receive a blessing as
    you give a blessing.
    Welcoming a former inmate to your church family is an important ministry.
    And, of course, we can use money. Our budget is very small and we have
    no paid employees, but our needs are great.
    We would be pleased to make a presentation to your church or group. Any of
    the contacts will be pleased to talk with you.